Skydiving With An Instructor

So what is a tandem jump?

A tandem jump in Kyiv is the most popular type of jump. It does now require any special training or for you to be fit. Your tandem instructor will take care of everything for you: He'll make sure the exit from the aircraft is stable, deploy your parachute after a minute of freefall, and safely land you on the ground.


Tandem jump prices

1.Tandem jump with an instructor3800 UAH
2.Handycam video (GoPro)500 UAH
3.Outside photo and video by an experienced cameraman1600 UAH
4.Video edit of your very own movie400 UAH

The jump includes

Altitude 4200 meters
15-20 minute aircraft ride
50-60 seconds of freefall
4-5 minutes under canopy time

How the jump goes

You need to contact DZ staff and confirm your date and time. Once at the DZ, you fill out a bit of paperwork, get a quick medical check-up, meet your instructor and get into your jumpsuit. Usually that takes about 20 minutes. Next you'll get the pre-jump training that takes about 15 minutes, which will take you through the key points of the jump. After that you go to the jump load line, and in case of outside video do a quick interview.

In about 10-15 minutes the aircraft will reach the jump altitude - above 4000 meters. And off you jump, with almost a minute of freefall, with only a drogue slowing your fall rate. After deployment, you will have 5-7 minutes of canopy time, during which you can steer it (the instructor will help you out).

Jump video

You can have your instructor or an experienced cameraman film the entire jump, from ground training to those first emotions that pour out after landing.

What to bring with you

Some sort of identification (travel documents, drivers license)

Long sleeve shirt, pants down to at least your ankles
Something comfortable, with sneakers or tennis shoes being the best choice
Free: cooler with chilled / hot water, chargers, shower.
There is a cafe.


How to book a jump? What else do I need?

You can book a jump in 2 ways:

1. Buy the jump or a gift certificate using the website Contact Me form. The certificate entitles you to one jump with an instructor after you confirm the date and time with the DZ Staff. Billing options are mobile transfer, credit card or at the post office.

2. Call directly at +38 (096) 229 87 8 or +38 (093) 229 87 87.and book. You can pay on-site with cash or credit card.

Its best to come to the DZ a bit earlier than the confirmed time. You'll need that time to fill out the paperwork and validate the certificate (if you bought it) at the manifest. After that all jumpers udergo a quick medical check-up, which is a legal requirement at all dropzones in Kiyv and Ukraine. After you meet your instructor and do the 15 minute pre-jump training, you are off to the aircraft.

What's the weather requirements for the jump?

Humanity has not yet learned how to book weather from the universe on the weekends(but we're working on it). For a good and safe jump you need 3 things: No strong, gusty wind, no rain and no low overcast - the instructor needs to see the landing zone after deployment. Keep in mind: Weather changes quickly during summer, a shower one minute - clear skies the next. So, if no official weather cancel was issued from staff, it's best to wait it out at the DZ!

But, do be ready that if the weather is questionable, the jumps may be transferred to the next convenient time for you. Safety first!

Но будьте готовы, что при сомнительных погодных условиях прыжки с парашютом могут быть перенесены на следующие удобные вам выходные. Наш приоритет: безопасность - на первом месте.

Where are the jumps made?

Skydiving and tandem jumps are usually done on weekends at DZ Boro some 40 kilometers from Kyiv. Camps and other events are discussed with staff separately.

Your first jump at DZ Boro is like first love, it will be in your heart with you forever

Come jump fly!