Static line jump

Static line – how the jump goes

To do your static line jump, you must arrive at DZ Boro strictly at the specified time and get your ground training. You jump solo, thus the preparation take longer and is more demanding, typically around 6 to 8 hours. You get acquainted with your gear, learn piloting skills and emergency procedures, aircraft exit and soft landing  techniques. Be prepared to spend the whole day at the dropzone!

Altitude 1000 meters
Time under canopy 5-7minutes
Freefall – up to 2 sec
Training 4-5 hours


Static line is the safest way to do a solo jump. No soviet-era gear – you jump a modern rig, with two ram-air canopies, main and reserve. You exit at 1000+ meters, a static line automatically dyploys your chute. After that you have 5 to 7 minutes of enjoying yourself up in the air. You will pilot and land the canopy, with help radioed in if needed.

Cost – 2800 UAH

That includes training, gear rental, jumpsuit, helmet, googles, altimeter and the static line jump itself.



How to purchase s static line jump? What else do I need?

You can purchase a static line jump in 3 ways:

- Call the DZ manager at +38 (096) 229 87 87 or +38 (093) 229 87 87, and book. You can pay via bank transfer or with cash at the dz.

- Fill out the order form on our website, and our manager will contact you and book you.

- Purchase a gift certificate for a static line jump. You can use it after confirming the time and date with the DZ.

Payment and delivery

You can pay for the jump on a bank card, bank account or directly at the airport. You can also purchase a gift certificate for a static-line jump.

We will transfer the certificate to the New Mail office you specified.

What weather is needed for jumping?

The weather requirements for a static line jump in Kyiv are a bit more demanding. This is because students do their jumps solo, and do not yet have the proper experience to deal with poor weather conditions. So it may very well be that tandem jumps will be ongoing, but static line will get a weather hold. This is normal! And besides, the weather usually calms down at the end of the day.

For static line jumps you need clear skies or a high overcast, so the jumper can clearly see the landing zone at deployment altitude. The wind speed maximum is 9 m\s, temperature no lower than -10 Celsius. Be ready for weather delays or rain-checks for next weekend that is convenient for you. Safety first!

What should I bring with me?

At the day pf the jump, you should arrive at DZ Boro strictly at the specified time, because training is group-based. Bring som sort of ID and the gift certificate if you have it. You fill out some paperwork, pay if you have not done so yet and proceed to training. Usually that take 4-5 hours.

Only after the instructor verifies that all the student got the theory and are ready to put it into practice, you get geared up and sing up for a load. For maximum comfort, bring comfortable sport clothing and shoes (no heels or sandals) that tightly fit the ankle.

What the benefits of jumping static line?

Unlike the old military round chutes, a ram-air canopy is controllable. The canopy has a wing-like aerodynamical shape. This really changes the whole jump game. You and you alone decide where and how fast you want to go: the canopy reacts very rapidly to toggle input. Instead of a crash into the ground you will get a soft stand-up landing, just like walking of a step. Fully controlled descent and  landing makes the jump a lot more fun, positive and safe. Giving you strictly follow your training, that is.

Your first jump at DZ Boro is like first love, it will be in your heart with you forever

Come jump fly!