Your first jump is what you will remember for the rest of your life

We invite everyone to experience the joy freefall by making a jumnp at DZ Boro.
Situated some 40 kilometres from Kyiv in Borodyanka county center, the DZ awaits you, to offer you the following:


Skydiving Borodyanka

Tandem jump

A tandem jump with an instructor is the safest and most exiting way to do your first skydive.

❂ Altitude —  up to 4 kilometers
❂ Free fall — up to 50 seconds
❂ Time under canopy 4-5 minutes

No special training required, but you will do it from a @big boy@ altitude of 4200 meters with almost a minute of freefall. The best thing about it is that a professional instructor will do all the work^ he will deploy the parachute and get you safely on the ground.
You can do this type of jump in Kyiv at DZ Boro.

Static line jump

Static line - solo jump with a ram-air canopy

❂ Altitude — 1 000 meters
❂ Ground training— 4-5 hours
❂ Time under canopy 5-7 minutes

You will exit the aircraft by yourself, pilot the canopy and do a soft landing. The chute is deployed by a static line that the instructor attaches to the aircraft. We recommend a static line jump to anyone who wishes to feel like a true skydiver.

AFF Course

ts a modern training course for those who came for a jump and than decided to become a pro. The student learns to freefall and pilot a canopy from the very first jump. Experienced skydivers fall right next to the student, help out with hand gestures, and talk to the student after canopy deployment via radio. They will assist in doing a landing pattern and a safe touchdown. AFF course consists of 7 levels.
If you are looking for a place to do your aff course in Kyiv - welcome to DZ Boro.

from 28 300 uah

Gift Certificates

Give emotions! A skydive is a gift that will give emotions for years to come.
Buying a gift certificate for a skydive at DZ Boro is real easy: Pick a jump, fill out an order form or call at +38 (067) 543 47 07
You can also order a jump beforehand = the certificate is valid for 12 month since purchase.

How we jump at DZ Boro


How long will freefall last?

Usually, the jump is made from 4200 meters. In that case it will be around 1 minute.

Where are the jumps made?

Borodyanka airfield is located 40 kilometres from Kyiv. You can drive there or take public transport.

What should I bring with me?

Good mood, IDs, comfortable clothing and shoes. Before the jump you will be issued a nice jumpsuit which you will wear above your clothing. No heels or sandals, the shoes mus have a good fit, like sneakers or tennis shoes. For those with long hair - bring a means to do a ponytail.

Is there a weight limit?

Tandems up to 120 kg, static line up to 110 kg.

When doe the jump season start and end?

Skydiving in Kyiv and Ukraine depends on the weather. Jumps usually start with first good weather days in the middle of April. Ends late October or mid November, if the weather does not hold.

Is there a risk of injury doring skydiving?

Modern skydiving equipment is extremely safe. The rig consists of a main and a reserve parachute, which is packed by a professional rigger.
In case of an emergency, the reserve chute will be activated by an automatic activation device.

A tandem jump is made with and experienced instructor, who will land you safely onto his feet. Solo jumps require a more serious approach with ground training, where instructors teach you piloting and landing skills.
For maximum safety they watch over your jump and help out via radio.

How does the ground training go?

Before a tandem jump you receive about 15 minutes of ground training: aircraft, exit and landing drills.
A static line jump is done solo, thus the training takes 6-8 hours, during which you will learn to exit the aircraft, pilot and land your canopy. Be ready to spend the whole day at the DZ. AFF course is what makes solo skydivers: Theory takes from six to eight hours, before every jump a specific task is prepped with the student.

Minimum age?

Jumps can be made if you are at least 16 years old.

Any other restrictions?

The biggest restriction is weather. Jumps are done in good weather: no rain or gusty winds, no low overcast.
If the weather sucks - don't get sad, you will jump the next weekend.

Any medical restrictions?

Some minimal medical requirements apply. Before jumping make sure that you do not suffer from any serious spinal, heart or neurological conditions.

Your first jump at DZ Boro is like first love, it will be in your heart with you forever

Come jump fly!