Give your loved ones an incredible adventure

A skydiving gift certificate is a wonderful idea for an exiting holiday (as a bonus - some nice new Instagram pics).
The certificate itself is a plastic card in a gift card, that fits into a standard envelope.
You can choose from a certificate for a tandem jump from up to 4 kilometers or a solo static line jump from 1000 meters.

Tandem gift certificate

Tandem gift certificate

Tandem gift certificate

This certificate entitles you to a jump with an instructor - the most save and thrilling type of jumps.
A tandem jump is made from up to 4 kilometres. During the free fall, which is up to 50 seconds, and 5-7 minutes under canopy, you will be attached to a professional instructor.
To purchase a certificate for a skydive, just fill out the contact me form on our website or call at +38 (067) 543 47 07


4200 uah
Static line certificate

Static line certificate

A static line gift certificate for a jump with a ram-air canopy from 1000 meters.
After exiting the aircraft the chute will deploy automatically, but you will pilot and land the canopy.
Thus, this will fill be no less fun that a tandem jump with an instructor.
You can order a gift certificate for a skydive by filling out the contact me form on our website or call at +38 (067) 543 47 07


2800 uah


How can I buy a jump certificate?

To purchase a skydive certificate, just choose which type you want - tandem or static line, fill out the order form on our website or call at +38 (096) 229 87 87 or +38 (093) 229 87 87.
We will mail the certificate to your nearest Nova Poshta post office.

How do I activate my certificate? When should i register for the jump?

Your certificate is basically a jump ticket at DZ Boro. After purchase all you have to do is call in advance at +38 (096) 229 87 87 or +38 (093) 229 87 87 and register for a date and time, supplying us with your certificate number.
We work during weekends, from April till November if the weather holds.

Can I get a refund on a certificate?

No, you can not get a refund on a certificate. But, you can give it to someone else, the holder of the certificate is entitled to the jump, not the buyer. Regardless of when you get your gift certificate, it is valid all season, from first spring days to late fall.

How long will I wait for the jump after arriving?

Weather permitting - no rain, low overcast or gusty winds, you will jump within 1,5-2 hours after arriving at the DZ.
Be ready that DZ staff can put jumps on hold in case of bad weather. Regardless, the certificate is valid until you happily land under canopy.

What should I bring with me?

You jump ticket - the certificate(or money if don't have one), some sort of ID. Dress accordingly - comfortable sport clothing, over which you will put on our jumpsuit. No heels - tennis shoe or sneaker are ideal.

Minimum age

No less tah 16 years old.

Any other restrictions?

Jumps are made from spring till fall, weather permitting. In case of strong winds, rain or a low overcast, DZ Staff reserve the right to postpone jumps for your safety until next day or weekend.

Any medical restrictions?

You can jump, if you do not suffer a serious condition in spinal, heart or neurological systems.

Your first jump at DZ Boro is like first love, it will be in your heart with you forever

Come jump fly!